Chasing The Prize For North Sea Oil And Gas Decommissioning

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-04
Currently in the UK, mainly in the North Sea, there are about 320 fixtures in production, such as oil platforms.
So far, oil and gas assets have enabled operators to recover 44 billion barrels of oil and gas.
However, reserves are running out as the remaining oil and gas becomes more difficult to find and mine.
The government aims to maximize the potential economic value of Britain\'s remaining oil and gas reserves.
Oil and gas operators in the UK are increasingly shutting down asset operations as their useful economic lives are coming to an end.
Carrier spending on retirement is rising: Since 2014, they spend more than £ 1 billion a year on retirement.
According to the British oil and gas administration (OGA)
The retirement of British offshore oil and gas production facilities is a major industrial challenge that can create a global competitive advantage for the UK.
More than 100 offshore platforms and 5,700 km of pipelines are expected to be decommissioned or reused on the British continental shelf over the next decade, a huge award for those who can provide the right service.
OGA estimates the total cost of oil and gas retirement to be £ 58.
However, the challenge is that the oil and gas industry in the UK is mostly unfamiliar with the big oil industry.
Scale retirement projects, but learn a lot from other industries.
While ongoing innovation and change within the industry will determine our ultimate success, more direct incremental improvements can also deliver significant results.
National Center for Retirement (NDC)
Global technology research and development center, opened in Newcastle, North
At the end of last year, the Energy Corridor in east Scotland.
The task of the NDC is to help the industry achieve the> 35% cost reduction target set by regulators in 2016.
Led by Professor Richard Nielsen of the University of Aberdeen and Dr. Russell Stevenson of the OGTC, the NDC is developing an extensive
Industry scope-
Led research program, specialized in obtaining the brightest and best doctoral degreeD.
And Master\'s students, several projects are already in progress.
Linking industry needs and expertise with academic capabilities and skills will help create competitive advantages, not only for the oil and gas industry, but also for the retirement challenges of the wider energy sector, E. G, renewable energy offshore.
NDC will also work with national R & D institutions and innovation centers active in late life cycle asset management and retirement, and with environmental organizations in Fisheries, Oceans, security, the UK and the international community.
Colette Cohen said: \"The center will work with industry and academia to provide technology, share knowledge and provide ideological leadership to reduce costs and extend live life, the CEO of the center for oil and gas technology, which challenges traditional retirement methods, said.
\"As the global retirement market will grow to £ 80 over the next decade, we will work with supply chain companies and technology developers in Scotland and the UK to help them develop their capabilities to meet domestic needs, and promote export growth around the world.
NDC is based on the world
University of Aberdeen\'s leading R & D capabilities in retirement technology, predictive modeling, environmental assessment, and retired economics.
\"Our research program will develop academic and technical expertise through doctoral degrees. D.
Opportunities to train research talent in the North
Eastern Scotland, although the university\'s master\'s program and continuing professional development courses in retirement will provide the company with the opportunity to upgrade their staff skills, \"said George Bowen, president of Aberdeen University.
\"By building expertise at all levels-both academic and industry-we will create competitive advantages for the retirement challenges in the oil and gas industry and the wider energy sector, for example, offshore renewable energy
\"NDC is home to the most powerful industrial lasers in any academic institution in the UKof-the-
Art suite for digital visualization and collaboration, and supercomputer clusters that support rapid simulation and modeling of innovative retired scenarios.
This includes facilities for technical testing and rapid prototyping, as well as high pressure test containers that can simulate 6,500 m of ocean conditions, indoor fresh water immersion tanks, environmental chambers for temperature testing
Design and build 40C to 80c and hangar space for retired technology.
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