Carlsbad, Where Golf Is King

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-05
This is another perfect day in Carlsbad, California.
Johnny Miller lifted the ball, tapped it softly and watched it fly into the golden sun.
\"Golf is like life,\" he said.
Test your character [and]your honesty.
\"Of course, the club used to be an American football club. there is no harm in it. S.
The test is made of advanced composites-
Similar to the previous stealth bomber. -
Or it was designed by a crack team of engineers, scientists, and metallurgical scientists who use computer-based modeling and custom-built quick
This is the American golf center. S. A.
Miller is at the heart of it. -
Test range for caraway Golf
The biggest club manufacturer in the world
It\'s only a few blocks from caraway\'s nearest rival, Taylor golf.
Just moved into the sparkling new headquarters with its own high
Technical design and testing facilities.
It is not possible to walk along this road.
Month, Cobra Golf.
In a good 7-
There are other names on the fairways around the world: titles, Odyssey and Lynx, not to mention golf apparel maker Ashworth.
Many smaller golf companies
Colorful hillsides where flowers, avocado and strawberries have grown.
Over the past decade, this sleepy seaside city, about 30 miles north of San Diego, has become the world\'s golf capital.
Computers have Silicon Valley, and golf now has Titanium Valley, so it is named after the composite metal used by many club heads.
The golf gear here is more talented than anywhere on Earth.
But Carlsbad also symbolizes the change that took place off the coast of California from above.
San Diego\'s burgeoning biotech community is a hotbed of technology in the Gulf.
These industries have taken full advantage of the technology and innovation capabilities of the region and have risen to replace the old aerospace factories.
They are the foundation of California\'s \"new economy\" and a big reason why California is once again envied and admired around the world.
\"It tells us about the infrastructure here ---the R&D;
Institutional, trained workforce, and chain of buyers and suppliers of connected companies ---
They all provide a fertile environment for the growth of these companies, \"said Joe Raguso, executive director of the San Diego Regional Technology Alliance.
The rapid transformation of Carlsbad is even more noticeable because it is largely unnoticed by the outside world. A Low-
The main pre-sale driver on Interstate 5 crossed the Buena Vista Lagoon into Carlsbad and saw no news announcing that they are now at the World Golf sanctuary.
The most striking destination is Anderson\'s pea soup restaurant, the San Diego gas power plant and the quiet waterfront.
For most of this century, Carlsbad was mainly a farm town.
Until the age of 1970, there is no industry to talk about, and even so, it is still very small.
Only Tony La Costa Resort, which opened in 1965, put the place on the map.
A series of events have made Carlsbad the center of the golf club industry.
Taylor asked founder Gary Adams to recall selling his 5-year-
In 1984, he and his new boss decided to move the company to Solomon, the French ski equipment maker ---
Then, the leader of the club business, rode well on the metal Forest it pioneered ---
From Illinois to Southern California
With plenty of labor and cheap land, they chose Carlsbad.
La Costa is home to the national championship TV Championship, which also makes it a prestigious golf speech, Adams said.
At about the same time Ely Callaway was looking for a new home for his newly started golf club company.
Caraway, former president of Burlington textile industries, sold his Temecula winery.
His latest project Callaway Golf was in the cathedral city at the time, but the desert was too hot to have time for a year.
Conduct a full test of the club.
It didn\'t take a long time to settle down in Carlsbad.
\"There is a lot of land and a lot of workers,\" he said . \"
\"The more I look, the more I like it.
Then there is the weather. Callaway calls it magic \".
\"In fact, veterans of the golf industry are raving about the climate in Carlsbad, and they think it\'s the best 18 rounds in the world.
Neither cold nor hot, there is little fog in La Jolla, and the breeze is gentle.
However, it was not until 1991 that Carlsbad became the rightful King of the golf world.
That was when Callaway completely changed the business by launching its large Bertha driver.
The new club, named after the biggest cannon in World War I, has an oversized head that can launch further balls than other riders.
Callaway became the undisputed industry leader in 1997 with $0. 843 billion in sales.
Callaway has nearly 3,000 employees in 15 buildings that have created the best buildings in the world
Golf clubs are available 24 hours a day.
Callaway\'s amazing success has awakened a complacent industry.
Rival companies have stepped up their staff and invested heavily in designing and marketing new clubs.
Think about what Tyler did.
When Dick Luger joined the company ten years ago, no.
Department of Housing Research and development.
Now, as R & D supervisor;
He was in charge of overseeing the staff of about 50 engineers who spent a few days imagining new clubs to help golfers hit the ball further and more straight, many technologies and materials used to make jets and missiles stronger and lighter have been borrowed.
From the design of the club, the manufacturer makes the prototype and then carries out a series of tests.
The machine shakes the club, throws stones at the club, and swings the club thousands of times.
At the test center in Callaway, the robot grabs the club and hits the ball high.
The speed digital camera captures images used to measure speed, loft, and rotation.
On the driving range of the test facility, the staff golfer tried the prototype and hit the ball on a field where a computer sensor pad was placed like a mine, to accurately measure where and how the ball lands.
Celebrities like saxophone player Kenny G sometimes come and swing a few times.
Only a few prototypes have reached this level.
These designs are sent to external foundries that manufacture metal club heads, while final assembly of heads, shafts and handles is done at the company\'s factory in Carlsbad.
Like the aerospace industry, Carlsbad\'s golf business is self-protected in a confidential manner.
The security is tight and the new design is carefully protected.
Company employees say they will take a look at their shoulders before they discuss business in restaurants.
Some insiders admit that the attempt to defeat espionage is nothing more than a dress code because executives and other employees often jump from one company to another.
When asked if there is close competition between competitors, 79-year-
Old Callaway is almost roaring. \"No! \" he shouts. \"I hate \'em.
\"However, linking them is a love of the game.
Many say working in the golf industry in Carlsbad is a way to achieve their passion.
\"The golf director at Pebble Beach thinks his job is better than mine,\" said Dick helmanstt, Caraway\'s product development director, grinning.
But he was wrong.
\"There are about 5,000 people working in the golf industry in Carlsbad right now, but that figure is a big understatement of its real impact.
In nearby Vista, escondition do and Rancho Bernardo, dozens of other golf companies have sprouted and suppliers of shafts and handles are scattered across San Diego County.
Foundry in Los Angeles and Orange County and quilting in Mexico are busy.
For each job directly related to the industry, at least another job has been created in various support services.
The industrial space in Carlsbad has tripled over the past decade.
Last year, the company swallowed up more than 2 million square feet of space. -
Nearly 20% of existing inventory-
The same amount is under construction.
Land prices doubled from a year ago.
Every turn is opening up a new path.
The booming industrial sector has also led to a boom in the real estate market.
In the past year, average house prices in Carlsbad have soared 35% to $370,000.
There were about 1,200 new homes on the market last year, and developers plan to build another 5,000 in the next five years.
The growth is clearly in McClellan in Carlsbad-
Paloma Airport is the second busiest aviation facility in the county after San Diego Lindbergh airport.
Commercial flights--
Major commuter services to Los Angeles International Airport-
Growth at a rate of 40% per year.
Worrying signs of the town\'s economy
Did not come over without cost.
Jeff Almer, assistant librarian at the Carlsbad Library, did not like this rush
Traffic jam--
A relatively new phenomenon.
But he cannot deny the benefits of prosperity.
\"Now, the city is making money,\" he said . \" He sees himself as a direct beneficiary: Carlsbad plans to build a $20 city
The million library, twice the size of the old library, has a high Library
Provide art theater and gallery space for touring exhibitions.
Rob Leeds, the bartender at the Tuscan restaurant in Carlsbad, also agreed.
On a busy night, he said, \"you have a company person at one end of the bar and a company person at the other end.
You hear titanium, graphite.
He can not care;
He prefers surfing.
But, says Leeds, golf is \"very helpful to the economy.
\"However, some worrying signs have emerged, raising questions about where growth in the Carlsbad golf industry will come from.
This year, golf companies have been hit by a price war in the industry, and demand has slowed in Asian depressed countries.
At the same time, the growth of the entire golf market is stable.
Callaway\'s profits and share prices have been falling recently.
Other companies, such as Lynx, have been struggling to survive.
\"It\'s almost a zero.
Bud Leyden, publisher of San Diego, said: \"The total game
Based on the golf insights and investment newsletter.
\"If someone does a good job, someone else loses.
\"The club producers at Carlsbad also have to pay attention to their backs as two rising stars, hawald --
Located in Plano, Texas, olymar golf course and Adams Golf Course.
Sales soared.
These upstarts have won customers through self-blowing ads --Edge technology.
The pressure to come up with popular new products is high, and club manufacturers can rely on the time window for innovation to keep shrinking, said Rugge.
Although the popular burner Bubble Club manufactured by Taylor, which was launched in 1995, is still selling well, \"We are frantically trying to replace it,\" he said.
Some analysts are skeptical that another new product will inject vitality into the market.
\"It\'s hard for me to see such a revolution in the next few years,\" said analyst David N . \"
Alan of Torrey Pines Securities at Solano Beach.
\"I think we will see improvements in technology.
\"Skeptics also question the fact that golfers will continue to provide $300 to $500 in club revenue for top brands.
The golf company may notice a recent visitor\'s reaction to the Callaway assembly plant.
When the tour guide quoted the price, the tourist asked, \"This is a set, right ? \"\" Wrong.
Only for one club
Another immediate problem for the industry is the United States. S. Golf Assn.
The latest threat is to use a so-called spring-like effect--i. e. , Big Berthas.
The USGA finally gave in and said that all clubs that are now in use will remain legal.
But there is concern that the future of club design will be limited.
Club companies are now looking for growth elsewhere.
Last year, caraway bought the putt maker Odyssey and invested $100 million to run the golf business from scratch, while Taylor recently announced plans to buy a large ball maker in Mississippi.
These companies are trying to sell fools because they can bring the club the same technical strength as they do, thus stealing sales from leading ball maker title and Spalding.
Callaway Chief Executive Donald Dane talked about ways to make golf more accessible to the masses, such as with schools and three
Hole classes that can be played during lunch time.
However, most of the owners of Carlsbad golf are ostensibly confident in their business, just as Tiger Woods is about to hit green from 150 yards away.
Golfers, they argue, are very emotional about their gear and are constantly pursuing perfection.
Callaway said: \"We are only a few short years away from having an ideal golf club.
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