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The yen has gradually risen to its highest level after the war, creating a wave of anxiety for the government and the business community.
Some think Japan\'s fragile economic recovery is threatened, while others think cheap imports will benefit. [Page D1. ]
Germany\'s central bank governor said in an interview that it would cut interest rates only if Germany was convinced that such action would not trigger inflation or hurt Mark\'s strength. [D1. ]
Chevron and Kazakhstan started their $20 billion joint venture in oil, which is considered to be the leader of other US oil companies looking to do business in the former Soviet Union. [D1. ]Daimler-Mercedes said first-
Quarterly sales and revenue fell sharply, leaving 14,700 jobs by the end of this year. [D4. ]
Advertising in the Circuit City store, a large home electronics chain, shocked Wall Street, car dealers and much of the retail world by announcing that it will enter the second-hand marketcar business. [D1. ]AdvertisementI. B. M.
With funding from New York State, Cornell University sold its first parallel supercomputer, which is concerned about the massive layoffs of the big computer maker. [D4. ]
Abbey Medical\'s life-long acquisition battle has two senior M & A advisers who have worked in Morgan Stanley and Dreiser Burnham Lambert. 1980s. [D4. ]
Insurance software and processing companies said share prices of insurance software and processing companies fell
Quarterly results may be well below expectations. [D4. ]
When the unstable financial situation in Mesa deteriorated, naturally
Gas company led by T
Buen Pickens says it could make less than $29.
2 million euros of debt due in May 1. [D4. ]
Economist Newspaper Limited
The CEO of the London-based parent company will be introduced to the president of its North American business, an American. [D19. ]
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Shares of Turner Radio rose in a report that said Time Warner and telecoms, the two big shareholders
The communications company is considering the dissolution of the company. [D20. ]
Business technology Baxter Healthcare and others are using a new technology called rapid prototyping technology to convert computer data into physical objects that are laser cut or shaped. [D5. ]
Adam software has completed the computerized animated anatomy of the human body, which will be introduced today. [D5. ]
The price of U. S. Treasury bonds soared and yields fell below 7%.
But traders say yields are locked in a trading zone and won\'t hit new lows. [D1. ]
Investors have expanded selling to consumers.
After the collapse of Philip Morris, the company gave up its retail stock.
The Dow Jones index fell 1.
62 to 3,377. 57. [D8. ]
The dollar rebounded against Mark and the yen from recent lows.
Gold fell the next day. [D18. ]
Crude oil futures fell amid concerns that OPEC production will remain high. [D18. ]
Some analysts are bullish on today\'s column shares in Sallie Mae, who believe brave investors have a chance not to oppose rollingcoaster ride. Market Place. [D8. ]
New ads from Weiss, Whitten, Carroll, Stagliano\'s New York Observer focus on the interests of the upper tier
Income Professionals
Elliot: advertising. [D19. ]
A version of this article was printed on page D00001 of the National edition on April 7, 1993 with the title: Business Digest.
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