breakthrough technology in 3d printing eliminates barriers to entry and reduces costs

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-22
3D printing makes rapid progress in the personal, professional and educational markets.
Janne Kyttanen, founder of the 3D manufacturing company \"free creation\", said, \"two years ago, there were about 40,000 machines in the world.
By the end of this year, the figure could reach 100,000. \" (Cnet. com)
However, it is very expensive to buy and operate a typical 3D printer.
With the introduction of 2bot\'s new model-making technology, these barriers to entering the 3D world are almost eliminated.
Like other 3D printers such as ZBuilder Ultra of Z Corporation that use additive or rapid prototyping technology, model manufacturers of 2bot use subtraction technology.
In this way, remove the material from the solid blank of the material, instead of adding the material constantly to build-up a model.
The main benefit of the subtraction process is the faster, more cost-effective 3D modeling form that can be used in a wide range of applications.
The physical size is 25 \"x 13\" hardware, and the size of the model manufacturer is comparable to that of the standard 2D printer (this HP all-in-For example)
It can be found in almost any office space.
It weighs only 48 lbs and is relatively easy to transport.
The 3D model is subtracted by a specially designed motor
Driven carbide cutting bits controlled by a dedicated DSP processor and installed in an interchange spindle assembly.
To allow XYZ motion, the spindle assembly is connected to the sled and gantry arm, each using its own dedicated motor and processor that accurately locate the spindle assembly for proper model cutting
The base material is loaded into a movable box that can be rotated twicesided cutting. (
According to 2bot\'s website, all key hardware and electronic devices are closed in an interlocking box, and the only periodic maintenance report is the model manufacturer work area between vacuuming or clearing jobs
See model manufacturers working here in real time: patent 3D software 2BOT Studio for software2bot works with model manufacturers through DSP
Based on a controlled intelligent network.
This provides instant communication between software and hardware.
In 2BOT Studio, users can easily adjust or modify all modeling parameters such as base material type, stepover rate, model size, and model scaling.
2BOT Studio is compatible with all programs that are considered virtual 3D modeling standards, including AutoCAD, SketchUp and Rhino, as well as many different file types such as STL, KMZ, and Korea.
Please visit 2bot for the complete list. com.
The cutting area of the single piece is 12 \"x 2\", but the 2BOT Studio software allows the virtual 3D model to be tiled automatically, so it is possible to create a physical model of almost any size.
The ability to make models using both sides of the same cutting material allows for expansion possibilities and details.
The quality of the model is selected by the user and can be from 0. 005\"-0. 065\".
The operation cost of MSRP is about $12,000, and the model manufacturer is neither the cheapest option nor the most expensive one.
However, the operating cost of ModleMaker is significantly lower than that of competitors.
According to 2bot.
A website of 2x4x10.
When using 2BOT, the model will cost ~ $4
Approved base materials
Much cheaper than the competitor\'s material.
Now, all types of models can be produced economically.
Because the modeler model is subtracted from solid material, the process of adding or building is very slow
Eliminates the material for creating the model.
Highly recommended
Compared to the speed of 1000mm, the designed spindle assembly moves quickly and efficiently at the maximum XYZ cutting speed of 1 \"per second (39. 37\")
Things that use MakerBot every minuteO-Matic.
As you can easily see, it takes much less time to make a model using a modeler than a competitor\'s add-on system, allowing multiple models to be completed every day in almost any environment.
The basic model can be completed in less than 30 minutes-
More detailed Model 60 minutes.
Bottom line 2bot\'s patented modeling technology provides a cheaper, faster and easier 3D modeling solution for enthusiasts, educators and professionals.
The total cost of ownership of model manufacturers is significantly lower than other 3D printing products due to its subtraction technology-
Cheaper base materials are allowed to be used, and detailed modeling is also possible.
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