Boeing unveils Phantom Eye hydrogen-powered spy plane

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-07
The plane was designed for an endurance reconnaissance mission, flying at 65 degrees Fahrenheit for up to four days.
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The Ford engine offers 150 horsepower per liter, allowing it to cruise at a speed of 150 knots without generating any harmful emissions.
Later this summer, a demo model will be shipped to NASA\'s deliden Flight Research Center in California, where a series of ground tests will be conducted.
After the test is completed, the first flight is expected in early 2011, when it will take up to eight hours.
Daryl Davis, president of Boeing Phantom Engineering, announced the aircraft in St. Louis, saying: \"Phantom Eye is the first of its kind, it can open up a new market in data and communication collection.
The US Navy uses a laser beam to shoot down the plane\'s \"creamy frozen meat\" for soldiers, a perfect example of turning ideas into reality.
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This is possible when it comes to ongoing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.
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Provide changing opportunities for our military, civilian and commercial customers.
\"The aircraft can carry paid loads weighing up to LBS and have a wingspan of 15ft-out of proportion to the torpedo --Body shape.
Its creator says it is not designed for stealth, but for endurance, keeping the air flying for a long time.
Boeing also boasted about the ecosystem of the aircraft.
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\"The hydrogen propulsion system will be the key to the success of the Phantom Eye,\" said Drew Marlow, project manager of the Phantom Eye . \".
\"It\'s very efficient and fuel economy is good and it\'s the only one --
The product is water, so it is also a \"green\" aircraft.
Ministry of Defense (MoD)
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The high-altitude aircraft used for surveillance is considering several different technologies, including solar energy, to meet what it calls the \"scavenger program.
Aerospace and defense company Qinetiq is experimenting with the Ministry of Defense to develop a solar aircraft called Zephyr.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said: \"Four days is not always good, but we are considering providing a range of options for our in-depth and ongoing reconnaissance needs.
\"Some of these options may fly in the air for more than a week.
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