architect will focus on community engagement at tauranga festival

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-17
This week, at a construction Festival in Tauranga, an expert who engages the community in development will speak in a group.
Oakland architect Benje Feehan returned to New Zealand a year ago after 18 years in the United States.
Today, he will speak in the Smart Talks group to discuss how growing and changing cities like Tauranga can try big changes in smaller cities
Cheaper. ways.
He said he had worked on various projects in various communities --
From dim alleys to bright and busy urban spaces, to building a brand new suburb from scratch.
There are ways to try out how a community works and works without starting a huge, expensive project.
In Dallas, he worked on a project to transform the service lane into a \"live\" lane.
To do some testing, they closed the driveway for several nights and days.
\"We brought in pallet furniture, trees, lights, vendors and food.
The plan is to make people feel comfortable with these new ideas.
Like a rapid prototype.
You can also get a few people around and interview the public about what they like and what they don\'t like.
Mr. Feehan said he would also like to share his experience of how the depth of community engagement leads to better development, working for and empowering communities now and in the future.
\"We need to acknowledge the fact that changes need to be made and are coming soon, and how making changes in a thoughtful way will strengthen Tauranga\'s identity.
\"Content: smart talk group discussion topic: When: Wednesday, September 13, location making and density did a great job. 30-4.
30 point, location: cruise deck fee for club Maunganui Hill, Kawaka St 45: free admission: open to the public
Deputy director of Ignite Architects;
Michael Tucker
City Strategy Manager, Tauranga City Council; Lisa Main -
Senior President of Bofa Miskell; Bernie Walsh -
Smart Growth Implementation Consultant.
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