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Mr. Todd A.
Green is an independent director of the company. Mr.
Grimm has been a member of the board since December 10, 2013. Mr.
Grimm also serves as chairman of the nomination and governance committee and as a member of the Audit Committee and the compensation committee of the board of directors. Mr.
Green is the president of T. A.
Green and United
At KY Edgewood, he is a consultant for additive manufacturing/3D printing.
Before starting T. A.
Green and United, Mr.
Grimm is the marketing manager to become one of the leading rapid prototyping services.
Before starting T. A.
Mr. Green and his colleagues
Green holds various positions in the additive manufacturing service bureau. Mr.
Grimm\'s experience as a consultant and president of T. A.
Green and United
He was provided with extensive knowledge of industry and commerce. Mr.
Grimm has 28 years of experience in the 3D printing industry and is recognized as a leading global expert in the field.
In addition, he has extensive experience and knowledge in business and operations.
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