an inexpensive way to print out metal parts

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-22
Low-cost 3-
From clothes, toys to household goods and furniture, plastic printers can produce almost anything.
Now, researchers at the University of Michigan Tech say they have developed a 3-Metal printer.
Joshua Pearce said that for many years, big companies have been using metal printers to make products such as automotive parts and titanium body implants, a material scientist at the University of Michigan Technology led the study, and published related articles in IEEE Access Magazine.
\"These printers are amazing, but they start at half a million dollars and then go up,\" he said . \".
Researchers 3-
D. The metal printer is less than $1,500. They used open-
SOURCE Software and off-the-
The rack part, which includes a micro-controller and a small welder, uses it to make a sprocket. Dr.
Pierce warns that using a printer is more dangerous than using 3-
D. need more plastic printers for safe gears.
\"It\'s not something everyone\'s house has,\" he said . \".
Still, he says the technology will offer small companies a cheap, fast way to prototype.
Scientists can use printers to make research tools.
Developing countries can use it to print repair parts for machines such as windmills.
\"If there is one in each village or region,\" he said, \"these parts can be done within the community.
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