an excerpt from peter diamandis’ new book “abundance”

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\". . . One of the better ways to deal with the threat of scarcity is not to try to slice our pie --
Instead, find a way to make more pies.
Of course, production-more-
The Pies approach is not new, but there are some key differences this time.
These differences will make up the bulk of the book, but the short version is that our ability to catch up with our ambitions for the first time in history.
Humanity is now entering a period of radical transformation in which technology can greatly improve the basic living standards of every man, woman and child on Earth.
In a generation, we will be able to provide goods and services to anyone who needs goods and services that were once left to the few rich. Or desire them.
The abundance of all is in our hands.
In this cynical modern age, many of us have retreated in the face of such announcements, but the elements of this transformation are already in progress.
Over the past 20 years, wireless technology and the Internet have become ubiquitous and almost everyone can afford it.
By the way, Africa has skipped the technology generation.
Landline via our Western Sky stripe Wireless way.
Mobile phone penetration increased exponentially, from 2% in 2000 to 28% in 2009 to 70% in 2013.
Already, people who don\'t have education and eat very little get the unheard of cellular connection 30 years ago.
Now, a Marseille fighter with a mobile phone has better mobile phone capabilities than the US president 25 years ago.
If he is on a smartphone and has access to Google, then he is much easier to get information than the president 15 years ago.
By the end of 2013, the vast majority of humanity will be trapped in this instant, low-level world wide web.
Costs, communications and information.
In other words, we now live in a world rich in information and communication.
In a similar way, advances in new transformation technologies-
Artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, computing systems, networks and sensors
Information, 3D printing, nanotechnology, Human
Machine interface and biomedical engineering
It will soon enable the vast majority of humanity to experience what only the rich can experience today.
Better yet, these technologies are not the only agents of change that work.
There are still three forces in the work, each of which is enhanced by the power of exponential growth technology, and each of which has a huge and rich --
Production potential. A Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
The revolution has been brewing for the past 50 years, but it has recently started to bust.
In today\'s world, the range of backyard trimmer is far beyond the range of custom cars and homemade computers, and now extends to once esoteric fields such as genetics and robotics.
More importantly, now a small group of motivated businessmen can do what was once the only province for big companies and governments.
The aerospace giants felt it was impossible, but Bert Rutan flew into space.
Craig Venter beat the powerful US government in the human genome sequencing competition.
The newly discovered power of these maverick innovators is the first of our three.
The second power is money. a lot of money—
Spend it in a very special way. The high-
The technological revolution has created a new and rich technology enthusiast who uses their wealth to solve the problem of global prosperity.
Related challenges
Bill Gates is fighting malaria.
Mark Zuckerberg is trying to get back
Education for invention;
At the same time, Pierre and Pam omidia are working to bring power to the developing world.
The list continues.
In general, our second driver is the unparalleled technological force in history.
And finally, the poorest poor, so-
Known as the \"bottom billion\", they are finally integrated into the global economy and ready to be what I call the \"rising Billion \".
\"Creating a global transportation network is the first step along this road, but it is the Internet, Micro
Financial and wireless communications technologies are transforming the poorest people into emerging market forces.
Each of these three forces acts alone and has great potential.
However, under the combined effect of exponential growth technology amplification, it was once unimaginable to become the actual possibility of the present.
So, what is possible?
Imagine a world of 9 billion people with clean water, nutritious food, affordable housing, personalized education
Graded and non-graded
Pollution, energy everywhere.
Building a better world is the biggest challenge facing mankind.
Here is the story of how we stand up to meet it.
This is \"abundance: Why the future is much better than you think\" (
Free News, 2012)by Peter H.
Dalmatisse and Steven ler
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