airbus presents 3d-printed mini aircraft

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-23
The huge jet around dwarfs it, the mini-plane
Still, the plane Thor is an eye.
Catcher at this week\'s Berlin Air Show
Small Airbus marvel is the first 3D in the world-
Printed plane
No windows, only 21 kilos (46 pounds)
Less than four metres (13 feet)
Dragon, drone Thor-
Abbreviation for \"high test\"
\"Technical goals in reality\"
Like a model of a large white plane.
However, for the European aerospace giant Airbus, the small drone is a pioneer, providing a future experience --
3D printing technology is expected to save time, fuel and money in the future of aviation.
\"This is a test of the possibility of 3D printing technology,\" said detriev konigoski, who is responsible for developing Thor for Airbus, speaking at the international aerospace exhibition and air show at Schoenefeld airport in southern Berlin.
\"We wanted to see if we could speed up the development process by using 3D printing not only for individual parts but for the entire system.
\"In Thor, the only part that is not printed out of a substance called polyamide is an electrical component.
The small plane was \"flying beautifully and very stable,\" and its chief engineer, Gunnar Hasse, said he carried out Thor\'s maiden flight near Hamburg, a northern German city, on last November.
The lighter-weight, faster-budget Airbus and its American rival Boeing are already using 3D printing, especially to make parts for their jumbo A350 and B787 Dreamliner.
Jens Henzler of Bavaria said: \"The advantage of printing is that there is no need for tools, and the production speed is very fast . \"
Headquartered in Hofmann innovation group, we focus on new technologies.
The metal parts produced can also be 30-
Henzler, general manager of the Hofmann industrial prototype, added that it was 50% lighter than in the past and had little waste to make.
The sky is not the limit of technology-
Engineers also plan to use it in space.
The future of the European Space Agency ESA rocket Ariana 6, which will be launched on 2020, will feature many prints.
\"This greatly reduces the cost of parts manufacturing,\" said Alain chaméu, head of the Airbus Safran transmitter . \".
Part of the reason is that in May 6 Ariana was priced at half the price of Ariana 5, its predecessor.
The new 3D printer can make up to 40 cm parts (15 inches)
Very long, most used in particularly complex designs.
Charmeau says Airbus is testing how to print an engine injection Assembly assembled from 270 parts.
\"With 3D printing, it has only three parts,\" he told AFP . \".
In addition to saving costs, 3D printing can also bring ecological benefits because light aircraft use less fuel and emit less pollutants.
Reduce carbon emissions in aviation
Air traffic is expected to double in the next 20 years
\"The decisive problem is to make radical technological innovations in a relatively short period of time,\" said Ralph Fox, head of the think tank at the Heinrich Bouer foundation of the German Green Party.
3D printing will certainly play an important role in this regard, he said at the ILA event meeting with Airbus president Tom Enders.
According to a survey of about 102 aviation industry participants by senior German airlines, the aviation tourism industry has been convinced of this good thing.
High-tech Bitkom federation.
About 70% of respondents believe that aircraft spare parts will be printed directly at the airport by 2030, and 51% expect the entire aircraft to be manufactured through 3D printing at that time.
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