advanced technology makes oem distributor for plastic injection molding equipment and industrial chillers top choice.

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Azusa, California, August 15, 2012-(PR. com)--
W & Z Machinery Salesis is pleased to announce that as a leader in the plastic injection molding equipment industry, it now meets a wide range of customer needs in industrial chillers, water cooled chillers and air cooled chillers.
The company provides excellent quality and excellent service to all customers.
Companies that use plastic injection molding equipment already understand that they have high
As part of its system, reliable quality industrial chillers.
Without these necessary components, there will be a variety of production problems in the time and money of the cost manufacturer.
Working with W & Z MachinerySales is a great way to avoid these expensive expenses and delays.
For those who need precise temperature control to cool the mold temperature, the air-cooled cooler is usually the best solution.
These units provide outstanding results for the plastic industry with excellent surface finish and lower cycle times.
These special industrial coolers are used with molds
Casting machinery, CNC lathe, laser, medical device, food and plating process.
Their design allows them to be used as machines
Sidecoling units.
Features of the air-cooled chiller include a highly accurate temperature controller that allows the water temperature to range from 39. 9F to77F;
Copeland turbo compressor with advanced technology
High and low voltage switches, and high and low refrigerant-
Filled pressure gauge; phase monitor;
Open stainless steel water tank, maximum heat exchange capacity, convenient maintenance.
For those who need quality water
W & Z machinery sells products that you need.
These types of industrial chillers are used in the plastic industry when it is critical to maintain accurate temperature control.
Like the above-mentioned air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers are usually used for numerical-
Laser mold control lathe
Casting machinery, medical equipment, electroplating process and food.
Their compact and removable design makes them a great choice for machines
Purpose of sidecoling.
The functions provided by W & Z MachinerySales for water cooled chillers include: accurate and sensitive temperature control, providing a water temperature range between 39. 9F and 77F.
The unit also uses advanced technology and a Copeland rolling compressor.
The unit includes open-
High water tank-
High quality stainless steel and allows maximum heat exchange.
Its high, low refrigerant
Pressure gauge full of pressure, as well as its high and low pressure sensor and phase monitor make the unit reliable and easy to operate.
The device also has a sensitive alarm and control system.
In addition to air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers, W & Z mechanical sales provides a complete set of reliable auxiliary equipment for plastic injection molding equipment and machines.
Customers can choose from cooling tower, Hopper dryer, material mixer, plastic granulator, vacuum self-unloading machine and mold temperature controller.
All these products are high.
Quality materials.
To learn more about W & Z mechanical sales and their industrial chiller quality range, including their air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers, please call, write or visit: Company.
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