a brief introduction about hurdles

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-02
There is always a misconception when considering track and field hurdles that most people think the game is just a jump item, but that is not the case.
This is a sprint for human gender.
At this point, it is considered a portable barrier that competitors must cross in certain competitions.
In this game, a series of such obstacles have been maintained, and competitors must jump without breaking their pace.
There are two types of competitions, they are sprint and long hurdles.
Unlike other track and field events, the sport is not easy and it takes a few years for athletes to master the art and they need the whole hard work and practice.
To reach the first column, sprinter either uses a cap of 7 to 8 feet, but most sprinter uses a gait of 8 feet to reach the first column.
In fact, the sprinter takes the lead in the knee of their dominant leg, and they lift the knee and lift the dominant foot over the bar.
Most Sprinter clears the hurdles by extending the opposite arm to the toe of the dominant leg, as this keeps their body centered and helps them carry the power of the body when they skip the hurdles.
To save speed and energy, athletes tilt their upper body to the dominant leg to keep the center of gravity low when hurdling.
These are the steps taken by hurdler to complete the task in this activity.
This is a very popular and challenging item in track and field sports, and fast and appropriate hurdle technical skills are owned by most successful hurdle athletes.
Young athletes are entitled to 80-
The distance of meters, as the age grows, the race becomes longer and the height of the hurdles becomes further.
As a result, sprinter improves their skills and speed by using a variety of training to train on and off the track.
The two kinds of sports equipment provided by this event are max-
The Power column and the training column are made in accordance with the standards set by the IAAF. The max-
Power type is one of the best available modules for training and competition.
It is a light weight, constructed from a sturdy rectangular aluminum structure and is subject to the necessary height adjustment.
It is a specially designed ABS plastic molding system for easy sliding
In the adjustment of the door panel, there are buttons to lift and reduce the board to the required height adjustment.
The type of hurdle training is a great tool for training courses, and almost all track and field athletes use hurdle training.
It also has the same functionality as the first one.
If there is any problem with the hurdles, then the athlete can use the replacement board, which is a useful device in case of emergency.
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