6 more creepy urban legends (that happen to be true)

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-06
In fact, it\'s usually more scary than fiction.
So this time of year, we share some of the most intuitive things.
Disturbing story, if we really go out, we will tell this story around the campfire.
The most important thing is that they are all real.
The PictureA young man put down the groceries in the house of an eccentric old lady, and when he noticed an old photo, the hair on his arm stood up.
The photos are normal--
A little boy who performed best on Sunday-
But something seems wrong.
He asked who the old lady was.
\"Oh,\" she replied, trying to put a cat in the dishwasher, \"Isn\'t that beautiful ? \"?
It\'s hard for you to say he died.
\"While most people today are too restrained at funerals to take a look at the coffin, and someone died from the end of the 19 th century to the beginning of the 20 th century, it means it\'s time to turn on the camera for family photos.
This practice is called.
And while it all sounds like a set
For some of the terrible pranks of the photographer, there is actually a reasonable explanation for this practice.
The process used to take pictures at that time was expensive enough that it was only once a lifetime (
Uh, or soon after a lifetime)
This is a very important thing for most people and requires people to sit quietly for a few minutes to work properly.
If there is one thing that the dead are good at, it is to sit still.
So their eyes were wide open and the bodies were dressed up and supported.
If they still don\'t send out the vivacious atmosphere of \"I\'m not a corpse tied to a chair\", The Face in the photo adds some color.
See what they can do with special effects in those days!
In the end, the practice of commemorative photography is outdated, perhaps because of the picture
Taking becomes more affordable and does not have to be reserved for special occasions such as death.
Or maybe everyone just sat up and said, \"Wait, what are we doing?
\"5. The body of CarpetYou can find this sick story
It is recommended to put the old chestnuts together for interior decoration, such as \"The phone is from the house!
\"According to the story, someone found a beautiful old carpet in an alley, took it home and found something terrible wrapped in it (
Some people call it \"Taco Bell burrito scene \").
This change includes bodies found in abandoned refrigerators or wardrobes, but the information remains the same;
Don\'t go shopping for home decor anywhere that smells like crack head urine.
On 1984, three students from Columbia University
Carpet on the sidewalk and decided to drag it home (
We assume that they are mainly looking for something to absorb vomit and Doritos crumbs instead of decorating their milk case furniture).
After they took the carpet back to the dormitory, they opened the carpet and found it.
Yes, three students for $50,000. a-
In the absence of notice of 200 carpet on the carpet, the University of the year carried the carpet all the way home
A pound of rotten meat.
At the very least, we hope that tomorrow these wonderful young leaders will not push the body into the corner and go back to the place where they play Yali.
The toxic woman arrives at the hospital and when the nurse draws blood it is so toxic that it also starts to make everyone around her sick.
The nurses realized that they were dealing with the human incarnation of the creature and ran away.
On the evening of February 19, 1994, there was a late stage of cancer.
When a nurse draws the blood of Gloria, she finds an unpleasant smell, in fact, it is very unpleasant and the staff of the hospital start to vomit and even collapse around her
As many as 23 people were eventually affected.
The emergency room was evacuated and a purification device was brought in.
So it\'s more like a fart from a cross creature, but still.
The case was quickly considered to be a group hysteria, but given that the most affected victim received two weeks of treatment in the intensive care unit with hepatitis, pancreas and ischemia necrosis (
One that actually causes you)
We\'ll say, either it\'s some serious damn hysteria or it\'s the guy who decided to get a degree from a stupid University.
As for Gloria, she died 40 minutes after arriving at the hospital.
Her autopsy was carried out by a man wearing a full hazmat moon suit, and although it was one of the most extensive forensic investigations in history, she still had no idea what made the woman\'s blood toxic.
Admittedly, from that day on, the experts in the case refused to take off their hazmat suit and have now retreated to an island that they surrounded with barbed wire, but these may just be the usual precautions.
The headless LoverA pregnant woman told her spouse that the child was not his and that in the case of reason and health
The husband thought about moving, cut off the head of her lover and brought it to the delivery room for her.
But the moral of the story is always clear.
Ladies, a little further away from the Brazilian swimming pool boy. Sgt.
An Army couple stationed in Germany, Stephen Shapp and Diane Shapp, found in 1993 that they would be receiving new joy, if not because Stephen had received a vasectomy the year before, there will be good news. Whoops.
In \"Jerry Springer this week!
\"When Diane was forced to admit that she had an affair with Stephen\'s best friend Gregory Glover, Unfortunately Stephen would react worse than a few chairs.
On a cold day in December, pregnant Diane was lying on the hospital bed and on the phone with Gregory, who suddenly died.
Diane didn\'t have to wait too long to know what was going on, and about half an hour later her husband rushed into the room and took out Gregory\'s newly liberated head from the gym bag.
He pushed it to her face. \"Look, Diane -Glover\'s here!
He\'s sleeping with you every night now.
Only you don\'t sleep because you will only see this.
Then Stephen threw his damn head on the bedside table and asked it to face his wife.
Say what you will say
The spirit of Schap is stable, and this guy is very talented in drama. 2The Not-So-
The unafraid-of-death escape shows why the mentoring consultant rarely recommends this series of works, and a deserter fails to stick to his name and dies in front of a live audience.
Rumors like this are often spread to dangerous factors by escapists themselves (
After all, if we don\'t have a chance to see David Bryan die, why do we have to watch it? ).
Despite the illusion of danger, escape artists rarely die or even get hurt while performing stunts.
Most wise people will take all possible safety precautions when they are awake.
The jacket is in the shark\'s water tank with a piece of meat in it.
But not most people.
Ironically, given what is going to happen, burruss\'s stunt is to get him out of his own grave.
The amazing Joe is tied to a transparent plastic coffin and put into a 7 feet-deep grave.
3 feet of the soil was shoveled on him, then frozen on this silly cake, and the remaining holes were filled with wet concrete.
Everything seemed to go well until, as a result, absolutely anyone could have expected, the plastic coffin collapsed and crushed Joe forever.
While you have to praise Burrus for saving a gravedigger and digging a new hole for him, there is some evidence that he knows the trick won\'t work.
His accident happened on the anniversary of the death of his idol, The Great Houdini, suggesting that he might have committed suicide on purpose.
In this case, he is in front of as many children as possible, including his own, and it is very decent to do it at the \"Blackbeard family entertainment center.
1 alive beheaded your head is still conscious even after it is cut off from your shoulder (
Give you enough time to think about how stupid you are to stand up on a roller coaster).
Legend has it that people know that people who are beheaded will blink and react to stimuli, yes, even try to speak.
Being beheaded to death is considered instant and painless in most of history (
The guillotine is designed as a human execution method and in fact it looks cool, it\'s just a reward)
But after your head has been cut off, your brain will remain aware anywhere from a few seconds to a minute.
One of the earliest and best
The known evidence in this regard comes from a doctor.
Beaurieux experimented with a French murderer named villille.
After he was killed, longerville\'s eyes and mouth continued to move for 5 to 6 seconds, at which point he seemed to have passed.
But when Beaurieux called out the name of the subject, the eyes of villille suddenly opened.
In Beaurieux\'s own words: \"The eyes of Lucille are very sure to stare at my eyes, the students focus on themselves\", good doctors continue to get similar in 30 seconds
At this point Lucille may just be tired of playing beheading and peeking-a-boo).
There are many other guillotters.
Related stories, but how can we bring terror into the modern, where we can all resonate and feel sick with it?
After the accident, a man in the car lost his mind.
\"My friend\'s head rest up,from my angle)upside-down.
When I saw it, he opened his mouth and closed it no less than twice.
His facial expressions are first of all shock or confusion, followed by fear or sadness.
I can\'t boast that he looked everywhere, but he did show the movement of his eyes from me, physically, back to me.
\"Yes, it seems to show that there is a long period of consciousness, and the guy\'s head alive has time to look at his own body and complete the red hole in which his head was once connected.
Very chilling stuff, so let\'s leave you a lighter note.
In Africa, there are tribes that will tie your head to a resilient sapling before cutting down the sapling, so that your head will pop into the distance after the last blow.
So the last few moments of your consciousness are the easy navigation of your head in the air.
Seriously, if you have to die, it\'s like one of the top five.
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