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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-01
Kolkata: A massive fire broke out at a plastic factory in Ghola near Sodepur on Monday afternoon, and a fireman was very ill and five people were probably trapped.
Firefighters were taken to the hospital, but his colleagues were unable to confirm that the locals claimed three people were inside the burning building.
The gas stations around 32 fire engines from Kamarhati, Panihati, Barrackpore and burnanger are all temporarily.
Fireman P Roy of Kamarhati unit was ill and admitted to Kamarhati Sagor Dutta medical school and hospital.
The fire started at about 12.
30 PM of Plastic Forming part on the first floor and will be three-
Floor manufacturing-and-
Storage facilities, damaged plastics, chemicals, equipment and raw materials of value crores.
By two o\'clock P. M. , about 25 fire Pacers were working.
Within two hours of the start of the fire, senior officers of the Barrackpore Commission, including the DCP, area II Ananda Roy, ordered evacuation of local residents within a radius of 1 km to prevent them from inhaling toxic smoke
Local businessman Jishnu Mukherjee said, \"at least three workers were still inside the building when the fire swallowed up the factory.
We also heard many explosions from the burning building.
\"The firefighters were unable to get into the building due to the heat and we had to spray water from outside for more than a few hours.
At about three o\'clock P. M. , we entered the first floor and then went to the first floor.
\"It\'s six o\'clock P. M. and we haven\'t reached the top floor yet,\" said a fire officer . \".
Fire Minister Sujit Bose went to the site to supervise the fire.
Firefighters had to push into the building.
\"I have also heard that someone is trapped inside, but this has not been confirmed,\" he said . \".
Fire officials said that while it was suspected that a short circuit had caused the fire, this could only be confirmed by a detailed investigation.
The factory has been in operation since 2002.
Police said the unit did not have enough fire safety measures and had ordered a full investigation.
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