3d printing used to rebuild man\'s face

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-20
A British man made history after experiencing the tempering.
Rebuild his face using a series of 3D printed parts.
Stephen Power from Cardiff suffered severe facial disfigurement after a motorcycle accident, and he was one of the first trauma patients in the world to use 3D printing at every stage of the operation. The 29-year-
The old arm was broken two and his right leg was seriously injured and needed bone grafting after his crash on September 2012.
His cheekbones and eye socket were also broken and his upper jaw and skull were broken.
But now the former bartender says he will no longer need to \"hide\" after his facial injuries are corrected due to groundbreaking 3D technology \".
The surgeon did eight.
After an hour of surgery at Swansea Morriston Hospital, the staff spent several months making a CT scan and a 3D model of Mr. Power\'s skull.
This enables them to determine how best to reassemble his broken left cheek and eye socket and restore the symmetry of his face.
The team has to re-
Before re-shaping the face, Mr. Power\'s cheekbones were broken and then the damage was repaired using custom printed models, guidelines, steel plates and implants. A medical-
The grade titanium implants printed in Belgium are then used to maintain a new shape of the bone.
\"This is all life --
Change, \"said Mr. Power.
\"The day I woke up from surgery, I could see the difference right away.
Facial surgeon Adrian Suger says 3D printing eliminates the guesswork that is usually involved in reconstruction.
\"I think this is unparalleled --
\"The result is not the same as anything we did before,\" he said . \".
\"This allows us to be more precise.
\"In an exhibition called 3D: printing the future at the Science Museum in London, Mr. Power\'s actions have received attention.
Mr. Power covered up his injury with a hat and glasses before the operation and said the operation made him feel more confident.
\"I hope I don\'t have to disguise myself --
\"I don\'t have to hide,\" he said . \"
\"I can do things for a day --to-
Do things during the day, see people, walk down the street, and even go to any public area. \" -
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