3D printing repairs accident victim\'s face

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-24
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In Wales, a team of doctors used printed custom implants to reshape the face of the victims of the accident.
Stephen Bauer underwent surgery at Morris Hospital in Swansea.
In 2012, Power had an accident and his face could not be recovered after an emergency operation.
The last eight
One-hour surgery at Moreton Hospital was the culmination of months of 3D planning and printing, a hospital statement said, breaking the limits that surgeons can reach.
The team used a scanned 3D image of the Power face to design guidelines for cutting and locating bones, as well as plates that fixed the bones in place. All models
Along with the completed guide and medical
Titanium implant
Made by 3D printing.
\"Stephen\'s injury is very complicated and needs to be repaired again.
\"Cut into a few pieces,\" said Adrian Suger, an oral surgery consultant at Moreton Hospital.
\"3D planning makes sense, and that\'s why 3D printing --
We have a model at every different stage, \"said Sugar.
For surgery, the doctor did two types of model planning --
Virtual model planning and physical model planning on the computer screen.
\"We also made guides at each stage of the procedure, not only cutting the bones, but also retargeting the bones, and then we customized the 3D printed implants,\" said Sugar . \".
Stephen was on his own before the operation.
Aware of his appearance
Despite his improved eyesight, he continued to wear glasses to cover his cheeks and eyes.
\"From this operation, I really can\'t explain how well it\'s going.
It makes me look much better.
\"I pay tribute to them,\" said Power, who used to wear glasses to cover up his disfigured cheeks and eyes, when talking about doctors who cast magic for him.
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