3d printing market \'worth $4.8bn by 2018\'

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-25
The 3D printing market will grow from $1 to $1.
It was $15 billion in 2013.
According to analysts, domestic fuel usage reached 8 billion in 2018 as consumer demand increased.
At present, it is generally limited to the automotive, airspace and healthcare industries. according to the data of CCS Insight, an increase in the level of 3D printing applications in home and small business spaces will drive total unit sales from 81,000 in 2013 to nearly 850,000 in 2018.
The report predicts that sales will reach 158,000 units by the end of this year, up from 2013.
It is estimated that sales of commercial desktop and consumer 3D printers will more than double this year and will account for nine of the ten 3D systems sold in 2014.
Arnaud Gagneux, vice president of technology transformation at CCS Insight, said that consumers will only be persuaded to buy if they see a clear use of 3D printers.
\"The consumer and desktop 3D printer market is still in its infancy and we expect many positive disruptions in the coming years,\" he said . \".
\"As major consumer brands enter the field, awareness will increase as 3D printers are sold and used more in more places.
Australia is number one in 3D World
Print Engine Tidal launches non-destructive music streaming in the UK and Amazon in the US, selling smartphones on how contracts kiss: \"We look forward to more and more smartphones, tablets and PCs with 3D scanning capabilities.
This will simplify the process of rendering what you want to print and overcome the need for a large number of blue galleries to make the 3D printer more attractive.
\"North America is currently the largest market for 3D printers and will continue to do so in the next four years, and adoption in Europe and Asia will slow down for the following reasons
The report found a development in distribution.
Last week, a Japanese man became the first to be jailed for designing and printing 3D guns.
Imura yoshitim, 28, downloaded and printed five plastic guns, two of which could launch real bullets.
He was given two.
A local court in Yokohama, Japan, has been sentenced to one year in prison for making deadly guns, and Japan has extremely strict gun laws.
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