3d printing in dentistry

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-19
3D printing is considered a disruptive technology to change manufacturing.
The application of 3D printing in aerospace, defense, art and design is getting more and more attention in the field of surgery.
This technology has a special resonance with dentistry, with the advancement of 3D imaging and modeling techniques such as cone beam computed tomography and oral internal scanning, with the application history of cad cam technology in the dental field is relatively long, its importance will become more and more important.
The use of 3D printing includes drilling guidelines for the production of dental implants, the production of physical models for oral repair, orthodontics and surgical procedures, the manufacture of dental, cranial facial and orthopedic implants, as well as the manufacture of copper sheets and frames for implant and tooth repair.
This paper reviews the types of 3D printing techniques and their various applications in dental and oral surgery.
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