3d printing and its use in china

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-21
A few years ago, it was considered impossible for additive manufacturing to have several uses.
3D printing building 3D printing has been a history of several years in China, it is a very successful and growing industry. A two-
Built within 45 days, the story building is very durable, well built and can even withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8 on the Richter scale.
A Chinese company in Dubai built the first functional 3D printing office building. It is a one-
The building with an area of 250sqm is made of 6 m x 36 m x 12 m 3D cement and everything inside is also 3D printed.
The first 3D-printed building is one.
Room House assembled in just 24 hours.
Since then, the technology has evolved into an incredible 10-meter-high, 1,100-square-meter mansion with five
Story apartment.
The advantages are: no waste, improved accuracy and fast construction speed.
Application of 3D printing in medicine: biological printing involves several successful surgeries for 3D printing elements.
On June, a medical worker in Beijing performed a brain operation on a patient, and finally covered his brain with 3D technology.
Print film.
The operation was a complete success.
Another hospital in Shanghai replaced six spine with 3D
Printed artificial limbs.
The patient was diagnosed with a rare cancer tumor that attacks cartilage.
This is not the first time 3D printing has been used for medical purposes in China.
In 2016, 3D was used by the same team-
In one patient, all operations were successful in replacing printed parts of the cervical and cervical spine.
This 3D printed implant has an obvious advantage: they are very accurate and easy to make.
In addition, they can be built in a variety of materials, including nylon titanium, cobalt-
Chromium and ta.
3D rapid prototyping from the beginning, one of the most common uses of 3D printing is prototyping, but it has grown rapidly in the past few years.
In China, about 35% of manufacturers use 3D printers to quickly build their prototypes, a very fast and cheap process.
While traditional prototyping costs up to thousands of dollars, Rapid Prototyping reduces these costs by hundreds of dollars.
In addition, flexibility is added to rapid prototyping.
Computer design can be modified to print new prototypes with new features and low cost.
3D printing has been used to make a number of different items, such as machine parts, clothing, prototypes, sculptures and many others, but the most surprising thing is its innovative application in medicine and architecture
Since the beginning of the technology, China has accepted 3D printing and all its uses, so it is now able to have most of the new innovations and advances in the technology.
Despite the high cost of implementation, a large number of manufacturers from China have accepted 3D printing technology and incorporated it into the prototype phase, even in the production phase.
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