3d printers can copy your loved one\'s head - as a cremation urn

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-25
From \"print\" cars to shoe burgers, 3D printers are used in many surprising, strange ways.
The technology was even used to create a three
Duplicate size of fetus.
Now, you can add cremation pools with the head shape and features of your loved ones to this list.
Yes, you read it right-the cremation urn. Vermont-
Cremation-based solutions now offer specially customized 3D printers
According to the company\'s website, the urn made can be made with \"the image of your loved one or your favorite celebrity or hero, or even President Obama.
While traditional wooden or metal urn may be the gold standard for storing the ashes of loved ones, the new product of the cremation solution promises a more memorable way to honor those who have died.
The company wrote on its website that \"the latest technology\" is used to create urn, to build the closest similarity to the deceased using photo and facial recognition software, the software \"can change two of your favorite photos
Convert 3D images to 3D images
A three-dimensional sculpture that captures the finest details.
In order to represent the loved ones in the best possible way, the company proposes to \"remove the flaws\" so that those who pass \"will always look the best \".
\"There are two sizes for Urns-11-inch “full-
The size of the personal Urn \", can accommodate all the ashes of adults, can also accommodate 6 inch of the\" souvenir size personal Urn \", only to accommodate part of the remains.
This is not cheap.
The larger version is priced at $2,600 and the smaller version is priced at $600.
Hair is not automatically included.
Having said that, the company can \"add hair digitally\" on personal urns depicting short hair, while for those with longer athletic styles, wigs can be added.
While 3D printing is a strange use, cremation urn represents the increasing prevalence of the three urn boxes
Size technology.
According to the 2013 Harvard Business Review article titled \"month-
The rise of 3D printing will change the world. The rise of 3D printing is prompting people to pay attention to customized goods to meet the specific needs and tastes of consumers.
Customization is the key to the solution.
The company has stressed on its website that customers can not only buy these items for those who are long-term
But they can also customize the urn for themselves.
Plan to cremate online?
According to the company\'s website, customers can choose a photo to show themselves at the peak of their youth.
\"Whether you are planning your own funeral to lighten the burden on your family or planning a funeral after death, these urn are great ways to keep a clear and perfect image,\" the product description is as follows.
\"This is the perfect way to protect and store the ashes of any loved ones.
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