3d printers are changing how designers make and market art

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-24
If you believe in hype, 3D printing will be everywhere sooner or later.
It\'s only a matter of time before prices drop to the point where everyone can afford it.
Before it became mainstream, many companies were jumping on the hype train, but the focus of today\'s video was on a company.
The Creator\'s Project, a video series designed to study how artists use technology in new ways, has recently released a feature on 3D printing.
The video pays special attention to the shape as the site helps to expand the scope of 3D printing to make it go beyond traditional manufacturing.
In a way, the site is a bit like 3D printed Etsy because designers can sell their work to the public.
The number of items on the shape channel is actually amazing.
From modern art to Steve Jobs, designers are selling things.
Similarly, Thingiverse has shaken the 3D printing industry by offering designs that 3D printer owners can make on their own.
In order to make everyday items, someone is no longer needed to be an expert in 3D design.
They can download the file from Thingiverse and start working.
Shapeways, Thingiverse is just two brands that charge front for future 3D printing.
Hardware itself has made a leap since it became affordable a few years ago.
There are a lot of successful Kickstarter events right now and people are promising to invest thousands of dollars to get cheaper 3D printers on the market.
This is an exciting time because the future is very bright.
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