3d printed shoes are a step in the right direction

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-11
With new shoes you need to \"break in\" because they will hurt your feet (
Or deal with shoes that don\'t feel comfortable no matter how long you wear them)
This will soon be the past due to 3D printing.
Several shoe companies, including Nike, Fitz and United Nude shoes, are now using 3D printing technology to provide customized shoes to customers ---
In the shop, at the scene.
I have been covering 3D printing in my technical trending newsletter for over 20 years, and at first the technology was used for rapid prototyping.
However, the rapid development of what I have called the \"three digital accelerators\" in the past few years;
\"Processing power, storage, and bandwidth make this technology a tool for manufacturing finished products, including not only shoes, but also jewelry, clothing, car dashboards, jet engine parts, human chin, replacement parts of the synthesizer and so on.
What is 3D printing?
When people first hear that you can make something by printing, it\'s hard for them to imagine it.
Think of it this way: 3D printers build things by depositing materials (usually plastic or metal) layer by layer until the prototype or final product is finished.
When the design is downloaded to the printer, the laser generates a layer of material and merges it.
Then add another layer and merge. . .
Then another one. . .
Until the object is completed.
The 3D printer can vary from the size of the microwave oven to the size of the car.
A printer that can print the house by depositing cement, using a tractor-sized printer to print layer by layer
Trailer, already in development.
The price of 3D printers ranges from amateur kits under $1,000 to industrial versions above $100,000.
3D printed shoes are so tempting for consumers, this one is tailored for each individual\'s unique feet.
Few people have the same feet.
In other words, your left foot may be slightly wider or smaller than your right foot.
Because of this, it is rare to find shoes that are very suitable for both feet.
In addition, since the current shoe size system is limited to half
Integer measurement (6, 6. 5, 7, 7. 5, etc. )
, It just takes into account how long someone\'s feet are.
It is difficult to find shoes with wide or thick feet.
3D printing solves all this.
3D printing of shoes instead of trying them on in a box
Customers use standard size shoes to take photos of their feet from different angles.
This allows computers to create accurate 3D models of human feet.
This information is then combined with the details of the client\'s height, weight, and activities being undertaken.
After entering all the data, the customer will receive a personalized shoe tailored to them.
In some cases, for example, with Feetz, the shoes are printed and shipped to the customer.
In other cases, like United Nude, the shoes are printed in front of the customer.
This technology, of course, goes further, not just for fashion.
People looking for the latest trends in shoes.
It also has therapeutic applications.
SOLS Systems, a custom Corrective shoes manufacturer, is using 3D shoe prints to make corrective shoes that reduce foot pain and improve comfort in patients.
In the process, they are conducting corrective scanning and prescribing processes from ancient and sterile to Technical
Smart fashion.
Because the shoes are customized, the patient\'s participation in the product is high, and the foot doctor enjoys a higher conversion rate at this pointof-sale.
In addition, sports shoemaker Nike has launched a new Nike Vapor Cleat American football shoe, which combines 3D weaving (
What Nike calls proprietary flat knitting technology)
3D shoe printing, sports shoes for players to provide light speed and strength.
By combining 3D weaving with 3D shoe prints, Nike will provide athletes with a secondskin, sock-
Like fitness, adapt to the feet of each athlete and his style of play to help the athlete perform at the highest level.
For track and field sports, 3D shoe print is definitely a tool to change the rules of the game.
While most of the shoes sold now are still the traditional way, you can be sure that 3D printed shoes will become more common in the future, and many other 3D printing products that you will use every day.
3D printing is growing rapidly worldwide and provides something that has not been possible until recently: online
Any time, anywhere, any manufacturing demand.
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