3D-Printed Hand Offers Hope To Amputees

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-19
A 3D-
A printing robot hand that can be customized has been developed
It takes only 40 days to complete, and it takes only a fraction of the other bionic limbs.
Technology developed by Bristol
UK-based engineer Joel gebad has won 2015 James Dyson Award in the UK and can now offer cheaper and faster options for amputees.
As many as 6000 major limb amputations are performed in the UK each year, with advanced limb payments ranging from £ 3,000 to £ 60,000.
The price is less than 1,000. Custom-
Accessories and production may also take a few weeks, but this award
The award-winning design of open Bionic can take up to 40 hours for 3D printing in the lab.
The company said,
Cost robotic hands can perform the same tasks as expensive advanced artificial limbs, including individual finger movements by using muscle sensors pasted on the amputee\'s skin. Twenty-five-year-
Old design engineer Joel gebad put his £ 6,000 savings into the project, saying he was interested in robots when he was six, at that time, he made a toy robot to clean up his housework.
He spent six months working on the technology and said: \"We had a lot of challenges in designing our hands, but we helped individual responses inspire us to bring them to market
\"My goal is to destroy the prosthetic industry by providing affordable prosthetic limbs for all.
\"During the development of robotic hands, Joel helped amputee Dan Melville shake hands with his brother for the first time.
Dan spoke of the moment: \"It\'s so strange to be able to hold the hand of that person and hold it.
Especially so close to my brother.
This is quite emotional to some extent.
James Dyson, a British inventor and businessman who helped select the winner of the award, said: \"For decades engineers have been using 3D printing as a prototype tool, but Joel is using it in a new way, offering cheaper, more advanced prosthetic limbs for amputees.
\"It shows that bold ideas don\'t require a big budget, and his technology will improve life around the world if it succeeds.
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