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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-14
Just hours before most Americans were expected to legally access the 3D blueprint
On Tuesday, a federal judge in Seattle issued an interim restraining order to stop issuing a blueprint before a hearing on August. 10. U. S.
District Judge Robert Lasnik issued the order in response to a lawsuit filed by eight states against the federal government, which was designed to prevent a settlement allowing the 3D blueprint
Printed Guns downloaded from the Internet.
Downloading blueprints will allow people to bypass background checks and open the door to do-it-
Guns that can be bypassedof-
Traditionally used to limit sales controls for obtaining firearms and other hazardous devices.
Democrats on Tuesday urged the Trump administration to stop a settlement that would allow the 3D blueprint
Printed Guns downloaded from the Internet.
\"Donald Trump will be on every downloadable plastic AR-
\"If he doesn\'t act today, it will wander the streets of our country,\" Sen said . \".
Edward MackeyMass.
In addition, the attorney general of the 21 states urged Secretary of State Mike Pompeii and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to withdraw from the settlement.
In many parts of the United StatesS.
Weapons are already cheap and easy to get.
But 3D printing may make it easier for terrorists, local dissidents and lonely people.
Wolf attackers print weapons at schools, government buildings, and airports where they are currently banned.
While this is unlikely, the technology is rapidly improving and, if possible, even the safest sites are vulnerable to internal threats
According to our recent paper for non-profit RAND Corporation, be attacker only needs access to 3D printers and the Internet, which analyzes the threats posed by 3D printing.
Before Judge Lasnick issued a temporary restraining order on Tuesday, the blueprint was scheduled to be released on Wednesday as Cody Wilson, the first 3D Creator, reached a settlement on June.
Print online archives of guns and digital blueprints-and the State Council.
On 2013, Wilson sued Wilson for violating federal export laws and the federal government asked him to dismantle the digital blueprint.
Lasnik said that the non-profit organizations he led, Wilson and Defense Distributed, could release plans, documents and 3D drawings in any form and exempt them from export restrictions.
Even the internet-
Enabled gun movement can be blocked for a long time
Term basis, this is just one of many potential ways 3D printing introduces new security threats.
As digital files become physical products, there may be new and deadly ways for hackers to threaten our personal and economic security through penetration or destruction.
If Iran is able to print parts for its Boeing aircraft, rather than relying on the US, 3D printing could undermine export controls or sanctionsS.
And other Western countries.
We talked to private sector executives about the potential security threats of 3D technology, officially called additive manufacturing\"
Industry 3D printing and workshops with industry participants and leading security experts.
We have found that regulation is unlikely to be effective and that it can be costly for society, which may limit the development of 3D technology.
But the cooperation of business leaders, government officials and other decision makers can have a huge impact by providing standards and valuable foundations for technology and policy. Level solution.
Although 3D printing is available in various industries, its use is often quite limited, mainly focusing on prototypes and small
Large-scale production.
But as the technology becomes more capable and accessible in the coming years, costs should fall.
Once the digital design is complete, it doesn\'t take more time, skill or cost to make a gorgeous and complex shape than to print a simple 3D block.
This makes 3D printing more advantageous than traditional manufacturing in producing complex or highly customizable items.
Get \"complexity\" for free in the 3D printing industry \".
3D printing, through digital design and layered construction, can create objects that cannot be built using traditional methods.
For example, the environmental control system is in F-
Traditionally, 18 fighter jets are made up of 16 different components, each of which must be adjusted to accommodate assembly and construction.
With 3D printing, the entire pipe is created as an optimized whole.
Advances in 3D printing may also trigger new forms of cyber attacks.
Network security will become more important as digital initiatives turn into physical objects.
Today\'s hackers steal credit cards, social security and bank accounts.
Tomorrow may penetrate into the printer and damaged software, or change the digital design to introduce imperceptible design defects.
Such cyber attacks can damage aircraft and cars, as well as simple home appliances and delivery drones, and have a profound impact on personal and home safety.
3D printing also has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of trade sanctions, which have historically been a major tool in dealing with international disputes.
For example, due to sanctions imposed by Western countries over the past 20 years, Iranian air has had to rely on salvaged or smuggled parts.
It has become one of the most dangerous airlines in the world, causing some passengers to call the airline\'s rusty aircraft a \"flying coffin \".
\"Countries like Iran can print their own aviation parts using printers, raw materials and digital designs, making it easier to circumvent sanctions.
More and more opposition to 3D
Printing Guns shows that potential security threats do not have to be avoided.
The inherent security challenges of 3D printing can be solved, and the development of industry specifications can still be formed.
Policymakers may need to strike a balance between safety and security, while avoiding excessive regulation, which may kill a technology that can improve the lives of billions of people and make a huge contribution to the new era of innovation.
Trevor Johnston is an assistant political scientist at theRAND. J.
Luke Owen is an assistant policy analyst and PhD at Rand. D.
A student at padland graduate school.
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