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Released by Margot Peppers: EDT 09: 58, March 12, 2014 | update: EDT 10: 53, March 12, 2014, a vending machine that allows you to customize your own Oreo at the Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas
This machine makes its debut on the active \"Oreo trend vending machine\", which uses a technology similar to a 3D printer to make cookies in any color and taste you choose --
Banana, mint, birthday cake and green lime are included.
Maya Design, who created this machine, shared a video showing how users can browse through 12 flavors on the touch screen and watch it during the production of custom cookies.
Scroll down in the video to watch the video, and the vending machine lifts a chocolate cookie before squeezing the orange icing on the chocolate cookie in the whirlpool.
Then, before placing the vanilla cookie at the top, it fills the blank area with white cream.
The cookie is then transmitted to the bottom of the transparent machine, where it is stored through a window for the user to collect.
Every flavor available is the one that\'s been popular on Twitter all the time.
Bonin Boff, vice president of global media and consumer engagement at food company Yizi International, said his company is \"creating cookies in real time through experimental 3D printing technology, thus completely changing the distribution process \".
He added: \"Now, we are connecting trend moments with cookies themselves in real-time and real-life. \'The cookie-
The build process takes less than two minutes for the machine to complete and is free to participate in the eventgoers.
Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to bring Oreo vending machines to the mainstream public, but interested consumers can track its activities by using Twitter hashtag # eatthetweet.
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