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Released by Margot Peppers: EDT 15: 06, February 19, 2014 | update: EDT 15: 08, February 19, 2014, a recent invention gave a new meaning to the word \"light a candle at both ends\"
That\'s what a candle does.
The Rekindle Candle, developed by British designer Benjamin Shine, collects melted wax at the bottom of the tube and forms it into another candle after the burn is complete.
Candles have not been purchased yet, but Mr Shine wrote on his website that he is currently working with the brand to further develop the candles.
The pink candle is mounted on the holder with a transparent plastic tube underneath it for collecting melted wax.
The bottom of the tube is a hanging wick.
When the candle is completely burned, you can remove the plastic pipe shell and pour the wax to produce a brand new candle.
Also, the process can be repeated again after the second candle burns, meaning the product will really regenerate.
Reburning candles are made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum or porcelain.
This is not the first time Mr Shine has tried the concept of reusable;
After graduating from Central St Martin College in London, he invented Skoody --
Deformed scarf and hoodie raincoat.
At present, he holds an exhibition of works at the Opera Gallery in London. \'Ideas of re-
He said in a press release that using and discovering potential from a single entity is an ongoing source of attraction for me.
Although I try not to think from an artistic or design point of view.
On the contrary, in terms of \"ideas --
As a creative explorer, look for new, valuable ideas that truly connect with people, challenge ideas and demonstrate human creativity.
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