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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-07
Ahmadinejad: the efforts of pilgrims and tourists to remove the plastic waste left behind by Girnar Parikrama are underway and so far the forest sector and NGOs have removed more than 10 tons of plastic waste
R Senthil Kumaran of the Forest sub-Reserve said they expect 13 tons of plastic waste this year, two tons less than the plastic waste cleaned up last year.
Officials in the Forest Department say the decline in the pavement in parrichama this year, coupled with increased awareness of littering, can be attributed to a reduction in plastic waste.
The parikrama through the Girnar sanctuary was held between 14 and November 11.
Every year, wildlife lovers and volunteer organizations clear 36-
The long Girnar Parikrama route.
However, after Girnar Parikrama, plastic has now invaded the entire sanctuary, the last residence of the Asian lion.
Officials say only six Lach pilgrims and tourists came to Girnar Parikrama this year, compared with nine Lach last year.
There are two main reasons for falling feet, officials say-one is that the sowing is going on and the second is probably the effect of demonization. The non-
Notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 keep visitors away from the rest of the state, although parrichema is one of the region\'s most popular annual businesses.
Officials say the number of tourists dropped by about 33% this year.
Kishore Kotecha, a member of the non-governmental organization involved in the project, said, \"In our efforts for Swach girgirabhiyan, during our time in Paris, we have been on three stalls for four days, there were 18 workers at the booth.
Kotecha said: \"We replaced about a ton of plastic bags from pilgrims and we distributed 240 kg paper bags, 100 kg newspapers and 8 rolls of wire.
\"With the help of junagriyadh municipal company, the collected waste was removed.
\"We are also involved in removing plastics by joining forces with the forest sector,\" said Kotecha, adding that he also expects plastic waste to be younger than before.
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